Implant Dentistry

Dr. Kelly is an experienced leader in implant restoration.

Dental implants have been available for several decades as a way to replace missing teeth. They have been used to restore individual missing teeth, segments of missing teeth, and to support prostheses that give whole arches of teeth to edentulous patients. Today, dental implant techniques have greatly advanced and have become the common standard of care for missing teeth. Modern implant techniques, when performed with high intention are far superior to their earlier predecessors. Dr. Kelly’s role in providing dental implant restorations is two fold: first as a partner with his implant surgeon he is a designer and planner, and secondly executing perfect dental restorations on the implant base after placement by his surgeon. As dental implants have become commonplace, many general dentists are placing their own implants with a variety of outcomes. Dr. Kelly maintains an intimate partnership with a highly regarded implant surgeon, Dr. Ron Nason. Together with well coordinated interdisciplinary care, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Nason provide the very best of implant surgery and restoration.

There is a wide variety of dentistry that utilizes implant technology. For the restoration of single missing teeth, an individual implant can replace a tooth’s missing root and support an esthetic ceramic crown. For larger segments of teeth, a similar process can replace roots to support longer spanning ceramic bridges.

In cases in which many or all teeth are missing, implants can support both removable or fixed prostheses that can replace whole arches with a variety of lifelike, nature mimicking materials. Not only can these whole arch implant options replace missing teeth, but also missing bone structure and gums that have since receded away.

The design process for implant treatment used by Drs. Kelly and Nason is very intentional, using modern digital technology to plan and design. This digital design process allows restoration to be modeled digitally from 3-D radiology and surgical procedures to be guided from this modeling for a predictable outcome.

The dedication of Dr. Kelly’s implant restorative team throughout his career has lead to the hundreds of successes and satisfied patients. Dr. Kelly is a leader in providing alternatives to dentistry that uses implantology for more natural results. As the field is ever changing and technology is becoming evermore complex and advanced, Dr. Kelly’s team is dedicated to providing the best implant dentistry available to his patients.